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Well O Sip® is the brand of Siva Wellness, which is a multifaceted wellness company with a vision to enhance the quality of life for individuals. Born out of generations of expertise in the areas of harmonising traditions, Well O Sip® is a brand with an optimal mix of traditional and modern solutions to improve lifestyle and quality of living. The brand aims at developing products made with superior quality ingredients providing a range that will focus on the holistic impact on human life.

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This rainy season, we at Well-O-Sip have devised products that will perform best when ingested while the temperature is high. Tulsi and Arjuna Tisanes are the ones we recommend this season to keep your body cool in the scorching heat. Arjuna Tisanes is a perfect solution for fighting blood-related issues. Tulasi Tisanes on the other hand is a major source of vitamins A and C; minerals calcium, iron, and zinc; as well as chlorophyll.

Seasonal items from Well-O-Sip are available on our website. We change our items based on seasonal availability, so clients can always enjoy their herbal concoction with the thrill of each changing season’s flavours. Our bodies react differently to each season. Our consumers are one-of-a-kind, and they deserve the finest. As a result, we make certain that our items are curated in the best interests of our clients. Here are the suitable tisanes for this season

What is Tisanes?

The word ‘Tisanes’ indicates beverages that are made from an infusion of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water. It can be a pure herbal/spices drink or a combination of herbs and spices to make a medicinal drink or infusion.

Herbs and spices have been a part of our food, and are boiled to make clear drinks to detox the body and rectify hormonal imbalances. Along with having aromatic advantages, herbs and spices act as food supplements to balance the nutritional deficits in our daily food. Some of these herbs include seeds, roots, leaves, stems, buds, flowers, fruits & barks. The proof of the miraculous nature of the herb lies in the fact that at different stages of the herb, it offers to differ nutritional values.

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The Holistic Approach to Managing Obesity by Well O Sip

Diets high in calories and sedentary lives have contributed to the rise of obesity in today’s fast-paced society. Health-related problems have increased as a result of this worrying trend, ranging from joint pain and dyspnea to more serious consequences. A brand called Well O Sip, which recognizes the value of herbs and spices, offers a way to fight obesity and advance general wellbeing.

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Pain management or Pain Relief?

Many people have concerns about pain management or pain alleviation, and the answers are frequently found in unlikely areas. Well O Sip, a brand with a strong foundation in holistic wellness, is aware that your diet may be the first step towards treating a variety of aches and pains.

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Are You Looking to Shed Pounds or Simply Feel Lighter and Healthier?

Do you prioritize feeling lighter and healthier over weight reduction when it comes to your health and well-being? Many people struggle with this question as they seek to live better, more fulfilling lives. We at Well O Sip recognize the significance of this distinction and are committed to helping you reach your wellness objectives.

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